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wait until you get an amateur."

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We are not the first to launch Hair Extensions,

but we wanted to bring you the best for your hair.

Wonderful Hair has been committed to offering the latest, most innovative technology in the field of hair extension applications. Developed at our headquarters in Italy, Wonderful Hair Extension system utilises a patented hand held applicator that is designed to apply, and mould the small flat keratin bond to the hair.


  • Using ultrasound technology, Cold Fusion uses virtually NO HEAT and NO HOT GLUE offering protection against your Natural hair.

  • Our 100% high quality human hair extensions are designed to be applied as single bonds, which mean partial as well as full placements can be made easily, efficiently and accurately. This enables your technician to create unique and individual styles for you that remains secure and comfortable; placing our Cold Fusion hair extension system at the forefront of the UK industry.

  • Using our Cold Fusion Technology ensures a very quick, yet safe method for Applying Hair Extensions – 90 Minutes for a Full Head applied by a Wonderful hair trained technician.

  • On the top of each lock of hair, we attach a thin sheet of keratin. As keratin is a natural component of human hair, it ensures that the hair extension blends perfectly with the natural hair, improving the application process by making it simple yet precise.

  • Utilises a ‘V’ shaped Keratin bond, your hair is placed within the bond recess, and sandwiched between the keratin compound, resulting in a flat bond which remains virtually undetectable to sight and touch. There is no mixing of the hair extensions and your natural hair, so removal of the extensions is clean and simple.




Paul Watts

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