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" If you think it`s expensive to get a

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wait until you get an amateur."

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Colour Specialist at PWH

A Color Specialist is a very advanced hairdresser in colour which has been taught the applications of the Colour portfolio that will inspire and help them to grow their color knowledge to new levels. The Colour Program the team are subject to is a comprehensive course based on a unique color. methodology, intended for experienced colorists only. Our stylists will increase their haircolor knowledge, enhance their skills and build their career. We have been able to access new information, share creative ideas with other salon professionals and work with educational experts and inspirational guest artists.


In addition, our stylists will have to learn in depth knowledge on,

Hair structure, Level and porosity, Colour theory, The Color Wheel,

Categories of haircolor, Designing with light and dark shades to refine facial shapes, Colour Graduations, Multi-dimensional Colour, Blonding Theory, The chemistry of lightening, Formulation and product selection, Stages of Lightening, Colour Correction model,

Identifying corrective color situations, Filling/Treating the hair,

Creative colouring techniques.


We pride our selves on the core knowledge which sets us apart from any one else.


We love to bring that inner geek out when it comes to comforting you, we will explain everything you want to know about your colour service.


Come in for a free consultation, and let us open your mind to the endless possibilities of colour.