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JOICO has developed a whole new way to protect, strengthen and re-build hair bonds that starts to work BEFORE bleach or color even touches the hair!


A real game changer that starts a new era in the quest for healthy hair– especially as it is so easy and fast to use. The portfolio comes with the JOICO promise of superior product quality and performance and includes products for daily at home protection products for you.



  • Featuring JOICO’s triple-powered liposome

  • One-of-a-kind delivery system protects the active ingredients

  • Offers continuous release to the hair


The results are achieved through the new technology in the product

ingredients which Joico have coined ‘Smart Release’. This is form

of the clever trio of Keratin Quadramine Complex, Arginine and Rose

Hip oil which sits together in a liposome. The liposome is a small

molecular ball with a water-based centre. The water repellent outer

layer keeps the ingredients packed inside to ensure that they stay intact until

they are needed when the hair starts to dry and the liposome breaks.