Booking Appointments

Pay your booking fee simply by using PayPal

Thank you for booking with us at Paul Watts Hairdressing, in order to minimise no shows at the salons, we now take a booking fee for our services.

You can pop into the salon to pay on booking, we can call you to take the booking fee over the phone, or to make this easier for you we have made a Paypal account for you to pay directly into. 

Please click the PayPal button enter amount with YOUR NAME as the reference.

No Shows

As a business these make it very difficult for us to keep the salons profitable, last year we had no shows costing ours salons £28,365.00. We decided to put this figure out there to make people understand that its not just 1 or 2 no shows that effect us, its a much greater number and we are trying our best to reduce this number. This not only costs us but it also prehibits clients booking in as no shows are usually last minute and leave us with no time to fit a client in.


We require as much notice as possible if you cant attend your appointmnt with us. Our appointments are confirmed by E-Mail, Text Message, Phone Calls and a written reminder on our appointmnt cards. 


We know how easy it is to forget an appointment you booked months ago which is why we remind you in every possible way. If you dont recieve these reminders please make us aware as we can update our system.


Thank you for being a valued client and for your understanding and co-operation as we implement this policy. This policy will ensure we can make full use of our appointments for those who are desperate for an appointment.

Booking Fee


The booking fee is now a policy to deter unreliable bookings, and clients, it's nothing to do with you as an individual client. Booking fee is non refundable if an appointment is not cancelled at least 48 hours prior to an appointment, as our client we want to make you aware of our policy so it can effectively reduce void appointments , which is the policies primary goal, it is a method of ensuring that our business is not negatively effected by bogus or unreliable client bookings . We want to communicate this to all our clients effectively, it will automatically reduce no shows , bogus bookings ,and many unreliable clients, giving us more appointments available for you to book into. In the event that you do need to cancel outside of this agreement , we do have discretion, giving you the ability to rebook without charge. It's not about the eventuality of enforcing the policy it's about the deterrent . This policy is the only way to ensure that our 40 hour opportunity to book with each stylist is managed successfully.

Booking Fee Tarrif

30 - 45 minute appointment - £5

1 - 2 hour appointment  - £10

Appointments over 3 hours - £20


Thank you for your cooperation

Paul Watts

Skin test / patch test

This is a legal requirement and something we

take strongly. Without a skin test, colouring services can't be fulfilled.

When booking any colour appointment, please be aware we require you to visit one of the salons as soon as possible for a skin test, so we can confirm your appointment.

Paypal active after lockdown